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Timbre '16 Sterophonic Riesling
Timbre '16 Sterophonic Riesling
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  • 2016 Riesling
  • Santa Maria Valley
  • Formerly Dr Klapper (Slightly Sweet}

The 2016 Stereophonic Riesling was picked unbelievably early at under 17 brix. Always great for pairing with food, Riesling that has a touch of residual sugar and high acidity is extremely versatile, and goes well with everything from green salads, to chicken dishes, sweet to spicy, low to high acid, and cold to hot. Following strict German winemaking practices, the juice was chilled down to 45 degrees and then fined with bentonite (a natural clay). Once settled, we racked the clean juice into tank and proceeded to ferment slowly for 6 weeks. Once the resulting wine reached 3% sugar we arrested the fermentation by chilling the tank down to 32 degrees. The wine was racked off the fermentation lees for bottling in January. Straw colored with a honeyed nose accentuated by white flowers. The palate is balanced with vibrant acidity and a touch of sweetness from the residual sugar. Lemons and peach pit lead way to the finish framed by spiced preserved apricots.


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