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Palmina '14 Nebbiolo SBC
Palmina '14 Nebbiolo SBC
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  • 2014 Nebbiolo
  • Santa Barbara County
Anchored by the Sisquoc Vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley, the 2014 Nebbiolo shines with character and also highlights grapes
from Honea Vineyard in the Los Olivos District. The Lampia and Michet clones that make up our Santa Barbara County blend first
arrived in California in the 1970s, but were found in very few vineyards until the 1990s, as their quality became better appreciated.
When working with Nebbiolo, Steve has always sought to make a classic, traditional wine, and this philosophy extends from the
vineyard to the cellar. Grapes are generally picked between 22.5 and 23.5 Brix, fermentations occur naturally, without inoculation
and the wines are not filtered. While Nebbiolo is a grape requiring a great deal of patience, from vineyard to barrel, to bottle, the
results are rewarding.
Bright and vibrant with pomegranate and cranberry dominating the nose. A mild sense of molasses hints at the depth of flavor come.            Aromas of red rose, cinnamon and bay leaf mingle softly. Flavors of white and bing cherry blend with kirsch and mint immediately.
Behind, and with a bit of air, a more earthy porcini base begins to rise. The finish is long and lingering with orange zest and fresh
cranberry notes.


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