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Sea Shell '15 "Balboa Reserve"
Sea Shell '15
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  • 2015 "Balboa Reserve"
  • 100% Tempranillo
  • Sea Shell Estate Vineyards
  • Paso Robles

Upon pouring the Balboa Reserve, scents of blueberry, blackberry, and acai immediately emerge from the glass. As the wine is warmed in your mouth, these are quickly joined by familiar, comforting notes of vanilla bean and crème brulee. After this the true nature of Tempranillo quickly takes over, as the broad, boastful palate gives way to hints of garrigue and petrichore. The tannins of this wine are definitely the most muscular and gripping of the 2015 lineup. They hold the wine firmly in place as it coasts through a lingering finish replete with final hints of fennel seed and white pepper.


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